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09 March 2011 @ 06:02 pm
FROM THE DEEPEST OF MY HEART : I hope Johnny-san will give y'all REAL debut, single, album, own PV, jobs, NO MORE BACKDANCING, but dance for your OWN SONG!
(>/\<) *pray*

Huff, i should back studying for my exam -___-
there're still 2 days to go~ GANBAREEEEEE~!

PS: I just editting :3
Original (lovely) scan from
sankyuu :-*

06 March 2011 @ 06:20 pm
Yay! BANZAI! coz i've finished my report.  I don't even have time to do fangirling recently, busy for my college  T_____T

March finally comes~ This is really important month for me, wonder why?

@ March, 7th : My fave BI Shadow's Birthday, YEP! Kikuchi Fuma!
No! i don't cheat at all >< Still, my ichiban goes to Kento, demo... my favorite goes to this curly-lips-while-doing-hyper-dance- boy! LOL
@ March, 8th : Exactly one day AFTER my fuma birthday, then it's our bully-able YUGO's birthday! WOOHOOO~!
@ March, 9th : My sister's birthday :)
@ March, 13th : this is THE MOST SPECIAL day of March! it's My Daddy 's BIG DAY and My Youngest Hubby ichiban in BI Shadow, dare?? KENTO DESU! :))
My special persons have same day of birth ^^
And on the end of this month, @ March 26th, it'll be Takaki's turn to have a birthday XD~

neee~ it's a special month, isn't it?

I'll make a birthday post this time~ won't miss it X3
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19 December 2010 @ 01:36 am
Long time no posting and even updating my fangirling status ><
nyaaaaa, campus life really spend a lot (time, mind, and energy -_-)

Happy Birthday Tegonyan (11/11), Sanapi (21/11), and Hika (02/12)!! :-*
I'm soo sorry i can't give any fanart for your birthday T^T
hell yeah, i moved to the town with no one doing fangirling (i mean to our JE boys), pluuus, a hectic-medical-student's life lead me to finish my task instead of updating my LJ :'(

SOMETHING SUPRISED ME! when i checked news_jpop 's update , i found yuya's hair getting darker XD
yattaaaaaa~ HE'S BACK TO HIS MASCULIN MODE! \(^O^)/
kakkooooi, hontou ni kakkoi :3

Ungg.. what else.. i just want to talk randomly xD
HEY! It's kinda late, as my previous post said about related between JE Boys and my country, Indonesia, NOW, i shout mooore loudly, since Jump's new song put `TAREMA KASHI` (terima kasih) in their lyric xD
terima kasih JUMP :-*

Last topic~ about Nakaken! yea, he would play a winter dorama! nyaaaa, i really looking forward for him that! ><
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19 September 2010 @ 03:36 pm
Here are some caps from this week's takicahnnel! YAY! BANZAI FOR B.I. SHADOW APPEARANCE!!! XD

You'll find FumaxHokku and a plenty of KentoxYugo moments ^^

Caps :

Err~ no more DL link, but there're still a plenty of caps :DCollapse )
NO MORE DOWNLOAD LINK, sorry >_< In order to prevent any risk from johnny's or etc =_=
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04 September 2010 @ 03:35 am
Finally, my discussion report done! I hope there's no more revision -____-
Aaaaaaand, it has been 4 September, YAY!
Before i go to bed, i just wanna post this~ if you asking for any graphic, gomen i can't >_<
fanvid? hmm~ may be later.
The medical college `doesn't allow me` to do photoshop-ing! (i mean.. a lot tasks get me out of graphic-ing T^T)

Dear Maru, You're the oldest member, but you always being bullied by your kouhai~
But, actually, we really enjoy it *kicked*
i hope you also enjoy of being bullied *?*
the most important thing, we always LOVE YOU our mood maker ^3^

Jaaaaa, then i wanna sharing some (actually two) of my favorite clips. Both are taken from SC episodes XD
Enjoy Maru's Awesomeness and Silliness! ^O^

1. Maru teach Juniors (Nakakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen <3) to do Beat boxing (140310)
**Caps and DL link**Collapse )

2. Nakamaru Attended Junior Collosseum (020410)

**caps and DL link**Collapse )
All credit going to puppeteer8   \(^O^)/

I've just realized this!

LOL. I didn't find any differences between his `earlier` face and `now` face 
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22 August 2010 @ 05:19 pm
I've just watched streaming `Taki Chan-nel` (Taki chan channel? XD)
There's a planty of JUNIORS \(>O<)/
This episode, Mis Snow Man Part!! XD

watch streaming here : http://www.takichan-j.jp/
(actually, i'm only able to watch half of the show T.T)

Here are taking from official web!
Sanada & Nakaken biased :3Collapse )

Caps from Hyakushiki XDDD~ (download @ kamichan.com)

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15 August 2010 @ 01:54 pm
Yay! My first fanvid >___< (err, yeah, it's not `first` actually XP)
Ung, i made my-version PV of Lalalila (or Lalila??) actually BECAUSE if i upload the real perform, youtube must be blocked my video due the copyright or so on =____=a
But i still got to spread JE love! (in this case B.I. Shadow :P)
This is (one of?) my favorite B.I. Shadow medley~
The song is sooo catchy ^^ I LOVE this song very much!!!

Sorry, no HD ^^ there are some un-syncronize part in the middle >_< "
i don't know why it getting blurred once i converted and uploaded it! GRRR!
my converter seems didn't allow me to convert into higher quality =_=
Jaaa~ Here it is :

I'll edit it later (may be) coz, i'm not at home right now. I'm in netcafe... (as i said i'm taking college to new town =___=)

btw.... after the video done.... i just realized that this vid... `a bit` focus on Nakaken (and Fuma?) ><
Ung~ dunno.. i wasn't planned to be like that~ gomen ne hokku to yugo no fansu-tachi! :D *send loves*

I have ripped the mp3. If you're interested download here (1.66MB, bit rate 96kbps)

I also made this!! I just realized there's some.. err.. connection *?* between Yugo and Kame. lol
this video is sooo short XD
video under cut :DCollapse )
comment(s) are <3 ^^
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First of all, i wanna shout: HAPPY FASTING MINNA!!!!
it's kinda late, but i'm begging for minna-tachi no forgiveness m(.____.)m

Now, i start living aloooooooone! >__________<
i choose to continue my study to another town~ i take medical major ^^
i hope i could finish it well \(^O^)/

This is 4th day i live ALONE in new town~ i've through some hectic days, and now i'm able to go to internet cafe for update >_<
2 days ago , i've lost my keyroom =____= I wonder, can a-reckless-person-like-me survive (about) 5 years take care for myself, huf..

Jyaaaaa~ seems like i should find another netcafe~ the connection go so slowly here +_+

(belated =_=) BIRTHDAY MY EX-ICHIBAN!!

*looking around~ seems no Hika around :P*
YUTOOOO~ ILU! hope the BEST (yeah.. he's HS7 actually :P) for you! for your success, your height (?), and your career! *throws confetti*
sorry for no more choosing you as my ichiban (>/\<) *so what? XD*
you're still my 1,5ban naaaa~
bye bye :-*

*seems like, i'll rare update this journal T^T hikhik, BUT i'll still do posting here! FOR THE SAKE OF MY FANDOM!!
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24 July 2010 @ 09:18 pm
YAY! it's been a week procrastinating to print THIS XD!
*click for enlarge* only if you're intersted XDDD

i love b.i. shadow part the most XD
errrr, actually i missed KAT-TUN (KaT-TUN?) part :( gomen ne kattun-tachi. i'm not in a good mood~ i still hoping for Jin back to the group

PS : [OOT] one in a million PV is awesome, Pi-daddy really reminds me to Bakanishi T^T
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22 July 2010 @ 04:24 am
I went to my friend's home, and was looking around her magazine collection~ WOW! my eyes catched at this scan!
Myojo March 2007. I dunno why i really interested with this scan! ALL OF THEM LOOK HANDSOME! XD~

Preview :

download : MF (4.28mb)

Then..... recently i search for old scan. I wandered to some `abandoned` JE forum. there had plenty of old scans! ^^
Here's Myojo October 2006 for you! XD

Preview :

download : MF (7.1mb)

Jyaaaa~ i just wanna re-share and did some edit ^^
Original scan by Ina (i love you sooo much!!!!!)
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